Volume 3: Designers & Crafters 

Call for Proposals: Women’s Innovations in Theatre, Dance, and Performance

Volume 3: Designers & Crafters

Co-edited by Greer Crawley and Carolina E. Santo


This volume will focus on the contributions of women to design and stagecraft in general, and in particular to their innovations in the areas of theatrical costume, scenic, sound, lighting, scenography, and media design. Contributors will be encouraged to define the role of designer and stagecrafter expansively and to include innovations by women from eras and contexts in which design specialization had not yet occurred (e.g., contributions and innovations by performers, managers, directors, dramaturgs, writers, or choreographers to stagecraft and design).

Questions that contributors to this volume should explore include:

The Designers & Crafters volume aims to identify voices that are not usually included and to shed light on their unacknowledged contributions to the aesthetics and technologies of design and stagecraft. This recuperation will require the re-examination of the anecdotal and incomplete documentation of the women artists, makers and designers who often work(ed) outside the mainstream theatre industry. A central goal of this volume is to revisit archival materials of theatre history—including sets, costumes, props, workbooks, drawings, models, etc.—so that new and original evidence can be discovered to re-write the historiography of stagecraft from an alternative, feminist point of view. 

Aspects to be considered might include:

We seek contributors who can speak to these recurring themes across multiple languages, geographies, cultures, and time periods. We are particularly interested in centering the voices of IBPOC scholars and contributors across career stages.

We invite critical and creative papers as well as those that present case-studies or deliver in more collaborative formats. Contributions may focus on, but are not limited to, women’s involvement and innovations in the development of design and stagecraft technologies, processes and practices, and design methodologies. 

The following is an indicative (and by no means exhaustive) list of possible topics:

Contact Greer Crawley (Greer.Crawley@rhul.ac.uk) and Carolina E. Santo (ca.espirito@gmail.com) if you have questions. 

Abstracts submitted should be 250 words, and include a working title and a description of the methodological approach. Potential contributors should also include a brief (150 word) bio. These should be combined into one MS Word document (Times New Roman, 12-pt, single-spaced) for submission.


New extended deadline for submission of abstracts is April 15, 2023.  Abstracts should be submitted online HERE.